“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today.” -Chinese Proverb

Cultivate Sourcing Group

We exist to locate and provide top quality materials to landscape professionals, enabling them to focus on their craft and maximize their profitability.

The name ‘Cultivate’ comes from our passion for the land and ultimately preparing that land for horticultural enhancement.

Who we are

Our team has experience in design, estimating, operations, nursery, and installation. This experience gives Cultivate the unique ability to know what a contractor needs to be successful and grow their business. In addition to this knowledge base, we pride ourselves on establishing strong relationships and providing excellent communication while fulfilling your orders. We know that communication is the key to your trust and further helps you focus on your craft.

How it works

Cultivate Sourcing Group has built relationships and partnered with Nursery Stock growers to bring healthy and ready to ship plant material directly to our contractors. We believe there is immense value for the contractor to provide the healthiest plant material available for their customers. This will increase the survival rate of the product and reduce warranty claims saving you and the customer valuable time and resources. These attributes ultimately result in a high quality end product for the customer. In addition to sourcing the material, we arrange the logistics of delivering the products to you on time. We understand loading and unloading materials cut into time and profitability which is why we deliver wherever the client needs – whether it is to their shop or a specified jobsite. Below highlights the simplicity of growing your company with Cultivate Sourcing’s help.

  • You send us a list of needed materials
  • We provide availability and pricing
  • We source top quality material
  • We arrange pick up and delivery to a location of your choice
  • You focus on your craft

Cultivate Sourcing Group

We are extremely excited to be part of your companies growth and appreciate the opportunity to help source your landscape materials. Below is the contact to our president and broker – please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests for estimates.

Hank Mary



Knoxville, Tn